Ronald Baker, Ph.D.

Ronald Baker, Ph.D.

Senior Marine Scientist I

Assistant Professor, Department of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama


Ronald Baker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of South Alabama, and Senior Marine Scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. He completed his undergraduate and PhD at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, and post-docs with NOAA Fisheries in Galveston Texas and the Smithsonian at the Marine Station in Fort Pierce Florida. Ron’s research focuses on the functional roles of coastal ecosystems in support of fisheries, particularly their role as nurseries for fishery species. Ron also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on fish, fisheries, and coastal ecology at DISL/USA.

Marine vertebrate zoology
Quantitative Methods in Fisheries and Ecology

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Research Interest



  • 2018

    Baker R, Barnett A, Bradley M, Abrantes K, Sheaves M. Contrasting seascape use by a coastal fish assemblage: a multi-methods approach. In Press. Estuaries and Coasts

  • Baker R, Bradley M, Freddi S, Abrantes K, Barnett A, Sheaves M . Non-lethal aging of tropical catch-and-release sport fishery species. Fisheries Research 207: 110-117.

  • Buelow CA, Baker R, Reside AE, Sheaves M. Nutrient subsidy indicators predict the presence of an avian mobile-link species. Ecological Indicators, 89:507-515.

  • 2017

    Buckland A, Baker R, Loneragan N, Sheaves M. Standardising fish stomach content analysis: The importance of prey condition. Fisheries Research, 196: 126-140.

  • Dunbar K, Baker R, and Sheaves M. Effects of forest width on fish use of fringing mangroves in a highly urbanized tropical estuary. Marine and Freshwater Research, 68: 1764-1770.

  • Buelow CA, Baker R, Reside AE, Sheaves M. Spatial dynamics of coastal forest bird assemblages: the influence of landscape context, forest type, and structural connectivity. Landscape Ecology, 32: 547-561.

  • Bradley M, Baker R, Sheaves M. Hidden components in tropical seascapes: Deep-estuary habitats support unique fish assemblages. Estuaries and Coasts, 40: 1195-1206.

  • Sheaves M, Baker R, Abrantes K, Connolly RM. Fish biomass in tropical estuaries: substantial variation in food web structure, sources of nutrition, and ecosystem-supporting processes. Estuaries and Coasts, 40: 580-593.

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